• Comprehension foresight

    Understanding your business is the basis for our insurance advice.

    Van Luin provides foreign businesses entering or already active on the Dutch market with personal and independent insurance advice. By truly understanding your business, we ensure optimal risk management.

  • Personal and involved
  • Insurance is the means, consultancy is the goal
  • We make insuring on the Dutch market understandable and fun
  • The expertise of a large organisation with the personal touch of a small one
  • Our services

  • Risk Management

    Every business is different, which means every business runs different risks. While you might prefer not to think about it, that includes your business as well. But what are those risks? And what is the best way to tackle those risks for the Dutch market?

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  • Sustainable Employability

    Employees are your most important ‘capital’. But what is a proper and market-rate EB package by Dutch standards? What can you, as an employer, do in the Netherlands to keep your employees healthy?

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  • Employee Pension

    Pensions are important to any company, but can seem complicated. What options do you, as an employer, have for pensions in the Netherlands and what does this mean financially speaking? What is the financial impact of introducing a pension scheme and what responsibilities does the employer have in this regard?

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  • International Business

    Doing business internationally – with the Netherlands, for example – is a great challenge. Especially when you want to do things your own way. But how do you ensure you are compliant and both your company and staff are properly insured?

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  • Our team

  • What our clients have to say

  • “Van Luin looks at risks, not just selling policies, which means you're having a completely different conversation.”
    Go-Tan BV - Kees Winkelhorst
  • “Our staff are all set now, because we concluded a new pension scheme with Van Luin."
    Eurotrol BV - Menke Plate
  • “Since the start of our collaboration with Van Luin, we have gotten a much better understanding of the risks in the business, and how to best cover those using insurance.”
    Pokon BV - Bert de Gans
  • “Van Luin doesn't look at the best insurance, but at what's best for our employees and our company.”
    Van Doorn - Johan van Doorn
  • About Van Luin

    Van Luin has been a well-known name in the Netherlands since its founding in 1986. We advise small and medium-sized companies in the field of pensions, income and non-life insurance. We do this for Dutch companies, but also for companies from other countries that want to do business in the Netherlands or enter into a partnership with Dutch companies.