• Understanding Looking Ahead.

    Our service is based on understanding your business. Only when we have understood all aspects of your business can we be the right consultation partner for you. We combine our knowledge and experience with your business knowhow. We map out risks and help you to ensure the continuity of your enterprise, which work we undertake in the following business segments: Risk Management, Health, and Pensions.

    In doing so, we don’t just confine ourselves to the current situation – instead, we look ahead with you too. In this way, we help you to anticipate – and capitalise on – possible future developments.

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  • What customers say about us

  • "We identify risks and help you safeguard the continuity of your company. We do this in the areas of Risk Management, Health and Pension. We do not limit ourselves to the current situation, but look forward with you."
    Eurotrol BV - Menke Plate
  • "Employees are your important 'capital'. Employee health and vitality is crucial for your company in the short and longer term."
    Go-Tan BV - Kees Winkelhorst
  • “We do everything to give you the best possible advice. That is why we think it is important to really get to know you and your company. So that we know what is going on, what your vision is and what developments your company is undergoing. That way we can best advise you. "
    Van Doorn - Johan van Doorn
  • "Every company is different, so is every entrepreneur. That is why we make a scan for a company of the company and the risks that the company runs. Risks in several areas."
    Pokon BV - Bert de Gans
  • About van Luin

    Right from its foundation in 1986, Van Luin has been a familiar name in the Central Netherlands. From our head office in De Bilt (near Utrecht), we advise SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) on such matters as pensions, income protection insurance and non-life insurance.

  • Measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19

    By coughing and sneezing, a person transmits the virus through his nose, throat or lungs. The virus gets into the air through small droplets. If other people inhale these droplets or transfer them via their hands in their mouth, nose or eyes, for example, they can become infected with the virus.


    What you can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

    • Wash your hands with soap regularly
    • Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow
    • Use paper tissues
    • No handshaking
    • Stay at home with symptoms of the common cold or flu
    • Limit social contacts

    Dutch approach

    The approach in the Netherlands aims to control the novel coronavirus as much as possible (maximum control) and to protect the vulnerable groups, such as older people and people with health conditions.  The government has taken containment measures.  These measures are aimed at reducing the peak in infections and spreading those infections over a more extended period. This approach ensures that our healthcare system is able to cope with the demand. An important effect is that this allows for population immunity to build up.  Read more on government.nl

    Protocol of action

    When an infection is confirmed, the protocol for action in the Netherlands is isolation, contact investigation and monitoring of the patient. The Municipal Public Health Service (GGD) tracks down the patients’ contacts and monitors all contacts to minimise the chance of the disease spreading.  Fourteen laboratories in the Netherlands are testing patients who are suspected of having the coronavirus. This test can only be requested by the Municipal Public Health Service (GGD) or a hospital.  All GGD’s and hospitals are informed about the protocols in place, describing how to take care of a patient and what measures should be taken.

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