• About Van Luin

    Since its founding in 1986, Van Luin has grown into a well-known name in the Netherlands. We advise small and medium-sized companies in the field of employee pension, risk management, the sustainable employability of personnel and international business. We do this for Dutch companies, but also for companies from other countries that want to do business in the Netherlands.

    Van Luin has three partners, all of whom are still active in the company. Robert specialises in risk management and international insurance for companies doing business internationally. Siemon is engaged in insurance in the field of sustainable employability and Geert-Jan is a specialist in the field of (international) pensions.

    Insurances are often part of our advice, but they are certainly not central. Because Van Luin stands for personal contact, good support and tailored advice. We believe that we can only be a good interlocutor if we see through your company. That is why understanding your business forms the basis for our services.

  • UNiBA

    More and more companies are starting to do business internationally. National borders play a less frequent role and the development of communication tools further lowers the thresholds. If you have subsidiaries abroad or wish to do business with a foreign partner, it is important that you are well informed about risks and adhere to local laws and regulations. Local specialism is essential in order to provide insight into the risks and, if necessary, to cover them. That is why Van Luin, as part of UNiBA, offers global solutions with local support. We do this for foreign companies wanting to do business in the Netherlands and for Dutch companies doing business internationally.

    Van Luin is one of the founding partners of the UNiBA brokers network. This network has been in existence for 30 years and consists of more than 60 partners worldwide. Partners who meet annually, trust each other and have learned to work together efficiently for the benefit of their international business relationships. Our support that many companies in the Netherlands are accustomed to, is available all over the world.

  • AFM-accredited

    Van Luin is recognised as a professional firm by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). This is a Dutch conduct-of-business regulator that is committed to fair and transparent financial markets. We are subject to ongoing supervision by the AFM and we are closely monitored for the aspects listed below.

    • Our meticulous financial services to businesses and consumers are monitored.
    • We check that our information is competent, reliable and factually correct.
    • Our information should be understandable and not misleading.
    • We must act in the interest of our customers and fulfil our duty of care.
  • Personal attention and craftsmanship

    Van Luin focuses on SMEs, with an emphasis on companies with up to 400 employees. Where comprehensive advice was given by one person in the past, we have now made a distribution based on the focus areas of risk management, pension and sustainable employability. If you want to do business in the Netherlands as a foreign company and want advice, we are here to help with those focus areas. If you want to do business internationally as a company, we would be happy to assist you as well.

    ‘The most important thing is that we have a personal relationship with you, so that we really know you and your company. The link between craftsmanship and the personal relationship with clients, ensures that we can work in a way that stimulates us to achieve the optimal result for your company’

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