It’s a very interesting challenge to operate internationally, especially when you want to do things ‘the Dutch way’. Local regulations, mandatory local policies or local taxes – you need (a) good organisation to deal with this that also takes into account the business’s needs and the characteristics of the countries that the business is established in. We set out all the main points for our clients, together with our partners at UNiBA, our international network. In this way, we can offer you both a global solution and the on-the-spot support you need to implement it, which support is provided by ourselves and by our partners in more than 130 countries. This allows you to concentrate on your business and your business operations.

In addition, we will introduce our partners to your subsidiaries. This means that they will get the local support that they need (in their own language and by people who know the subsidiaries’ markets) and you will be informed about the risks that your subsidiary is insured locally for. This insurance cover may even be brought together in an internationally integrated insurance programme. This ensures that you know what has been arranged locally and that your subsidiaries have an insurance package that dovetails with your own insurance package and needs. Naturally, our partners will closely assist with any changes made and we will inform you about these. In other words, we are your contact point for risk management all over the world!

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