We understand pensions and see them as a dynamic arrangement between various parties, whether we are talking about a group employees’ pension scheme or a pension scheme for a DAS (Director and Shareholder). We enjoy working with pensions and are also good at explaining them (something that we hear from all our clients). We don’t baffle you with specialist jargon or bragging – instead, we explain things simply and understandably.

For you as an employer, this means that you understand the choices you have when implementing or extending a pension scheme and what the implications of these choices are, for both the short and the long term.

For your employees, this means that they will (finally) understand what their pension comprises and what this means for their future financial situation.

By communicating openly, clearly and unambiguously, we build a bridge between the employer, employees and the Works Council, in order to jointly arrive at a pensions solution that is accepted and appreciated by all parties.

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