Every business is different, and so is every business owner. This is why we perform a scan of your business that also shows the risks that it is faced with, risks which may lie in a range of areas. We catalogue these risks, including their potential financial implications. We then devise solutions to deal with the various risks. These may be organisational or insurance-based solutions. If an insurance policy proves to be the best solution, we negotiate with the insurers to get the best price and conditions for our clients.

However, that’s not all we do. We repeat this work every year for you. After all, a business changes all the time. Apart from repeating this process, we discuss a number of potential emergency scenarios with the business owner. What should be done about consequential loss? What happens if a supplier stops supplying? Or what if a buyer sets stringent requirements for the corporate liability insurance? By discussing these scenarios with the business owner beforehand, we ensure that for any emergency, a business can resume its core tasks as soon as possible, whether these be producing, transporting or advising. This is the aim of the exercise, for both ourselves and the business.

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