• Employee Pension

    Pensions can seem complicated, especially if you’re doing business internationally. After all, what choices do you have as an employer in another country when it comes to pensions and what does this mean financially? And do employees understand what their pension entails? At Van Luin, we are happy to answer all these questions and remove any doubts you might have. We like everything about employee pension and, according to our clients, are good at explaining it. By communicating openly, clearly and unequivocally, we build a bridge between employer, employees or works council in order to arrive at a valued pension solution together. We do this for Dutch companies and for companies doing business in the Netherlands.

  • The importance of a good employee pension

    A pension scheme for employees is often not compulsory in the Netherlands. But if, as an employer, you want to take good care of your employees, a good employee pension should not be lacking. The only problem is that as an employer you often have (too) much choice and do not know which pension scheme is best for your employees and your company. Luckily, we’re happy to help you with that at Van Luin. We ensure that there is a good pension scheme and that everyone knows where they stand. No jargon and grandstanding, but a simple and understandable explanation of the employee pension for your employees in the Netherlands.

  • Looking to arrange a pension for your employees?

    Advising on pensions is a profession. There are various choices you can make as an employer and you need to be able to understand the consequences. However, that can be tricky! That’s why we at Van Luin are happy to help you with a new pension scheme when you’re doing business in the Netherlands for the first time. We are also at your service when extending or changing the current pension scheme. We make sure that you, as an employer, know exactly what choices you have when introducing or extending a pension scheme and what the consequences are. We’re there for your employees as well: we think it’s important that they understand what their pension entails and what this means for their future financial situation. We make retirement understandable and fun!

    Besides employee pension, we advise also on risk management, sustainable employability of employees and international business.