• International Business

    Working internationally is a great challenge. Especially if you want to do it the way you’re used to in your own country. If you start doing business internationally, for example with the Netherlands, you will have to deal with local regulations, compulsory local policies or local taxes. And, naturally, you want to be compliant. That is why doing business internationally requires a good structure, taking into account the wishes of your company and the characteristics of the country in which you want to open the branch. Because it can be difficult to keep sight of and arrange everything properly, Van Luin is happy to help you with this. We list everything for you, together with our partners from UNiBA, our international network. This gives you the time and tranquillity to focus on your company and its operations.

  • Doing business abroad with local support

    We are there for you if you want to do business in the Netherlands as an international company, or if you want to do business with other countries from the Netherlands. We are happy to advise you on all types of insurance, and matters such as pension and risk management. If you want to do business internationally, we are happy to offer you a global solution with local support. We do this ourselves, but also in cooperation with our partners in more than 130 countries.

    We provide local support that your subsidiaries are looking for (in their own language and by people with knowledge of their market). You will receive all information about the risks insured locally by the subsidiary, possibly in an international integrated insurance programme. We ensure that the subsidiary has a good insurance package that suits your needs and aligns with your own insurance package. This way you can be sure that you comply with laws and regulations in the countries in which you are based. And that you’re compliant!

  • Advice on international business

    Doing business internationally can be challenging. You want to have everything taken care of properly, but because you don’t know the local laws and regulations, that can be quite difficult. Every company wants to be compliant in order to avoid difficult situations. But how do you do that? Van Luin is happy to offer support to companies that want to do business internationally. We have years of experience in supporting companies that want to do business in the Netherlands and Dutch companies that want to do business internationally.

    We offer local support to the subsidiary and find out if everything is arranged properly. Do changes need to be made? Then our partners will make sure that this is properly supervised locally and we will keep you informed as well, of course.

    Among other things, we advise on risk management, sustainable employability of employees and employee pensions in the Netherlands.