• Our way of working

    At Van Luin, we have a unique and meticulous way of working known as the ‘Van Luin way’, which consists of 2 steps, namely Understanding and Looking Ahead.

  • Understanding

    We go through a logical sequence of set subjects to carry out a thorough analysis of your internal and external situation. This analysis looks at you, your company, your sector and your environment. We do this as broadly as possible in order to describe all the risks and to offer you possible solutions. In this way, we help you to be prepared for any future events, which is the follow-up step in our way of working.

  • Looking Ahead

    Our plan of action is based on the solid foundation that is Understanding. We draw up a plan for your situation that revolves around continuity. We discuss various risks and possible solutions with you, both organisational and insurance-related in nature, before the event in question actually occurs. Our clients prefer continuity to just receiving an insurance payout. Since no-one has a crystal ball, we discuss the existing analysis with you every year and adjust it where necessary. Our combination of understanding and looking ahead gives you the best possible guarantee that you will be able to continue with your business activities as soon as possible, possibly with financial assistance from an insurance payout.