• Riskmanagement

    Every business is different, which means every business runs different risks. While you might prefer not to think about it, that includes your business as well. But what are those risks? And what is the best way to tackle those risks? Van Luin is happy to help you with risk management, by identifying and assessing the risks for your company. Together, we draw up a good risk policy so that potential risks can be limited or even prevented.

  • What will risk management provide for your company?

    Having risk management in order is important for any business. If you are going to do business in the Netherlands or work with a Dutch company, it is especially important to take stock of the risks you are facing again. Risk management starts by identifying your potential risks. Nobody wants to think about the consequences of cyber crime or water damage to your office building. By taking stock of these types of risks (including the financial consequences) and devising solutions for them, you can limit or even prevent damage. Proper risk management is a prerequisite for proper business operations.

  • Advice about Risk Management

    As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to identify the risks for your company objectively, especially if you are going to do business in the Netherlands and you are not familiar with the exact laws and regulations. As an entrepreneur you think in opportunities, not threats. We can help you with the latter. That’s why Van Luin is happy to visit you, your colleagues and the company to get to know you and to map all risks, including the financial consequences of those risks. Of course, we also come up with solutions; these can be organisational as well as insurance solutions. Is insurance the best solution? If so, we negotiate for the best price and conditions for your company. And it doesn’t stop there. We continue to monitor the risks and repeat the process every year.

    In addition to advising your company on risk management, we also offer advice on employee pensions, sustainable employability of employees, international business and private insurance.