Privacy statement


Our company handles personal data in a safe way and respects the privacy of those involved. In doing so, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Data subjects
    We only process the personal data of those persons who have an interest in the execution of the activities assigned to us. Optional: We also process personal data of employees who perform work for our company under our responsibility. These may be employees with a contract of employment under civil law, but may also be trainees, temporary workers or freelancers].
  • Lawfulness, fairness, transparency
    Personal data will be processed in accordance with the law (properly and carefully).
  • Basis and purpose
    We ensure that personal data is collected and processed only for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes. Personal data is only processed with a justifiable basis.
  • Data minimization
    We only process personal data that is minimally necessary for the predetermined purpose. Minimum data processing is the starting point. Where possible, less or no personal data is processed.
  • Storage terms
    Personal data are not kept longer than necessary. Retention of personal data for a certain period of time may be necessary in order to properly carry out assigned activities or to comply with legal obligations.
  • Integrity and confidentiality
    All our employees handle personal data with care, treat them confidentially and only for the purpose for which they were collected.
  • Passing on personal data to third parties
    We only pass on personal data to third parties when this is necessary for the performance of the work assigned to us.
  • Services or facilities of third parties
    If, in the context of processing personal data, we make use of services or facilities of third parties, we make agreements with them about the requirements that these services and facilities must meet. These agreements comply with the law.
  • Rights of data subjects
    We inform data subjects in a timely manner about the rights they have under privacy legislation and we honor all rights of data subjects.
  • Security
    We take appropriate organizational and technical measures to adequately protect personal data processed by us.


About Van Luin

Van Luin advises on and mediates in financial services and products. This includes insurances. In addition to advice we support our customers in the realization and maintenance of these products and services. In providing these services we process a multitude of (personal) data.

Why this Statement?

We are responsible for protecting your personal data as well as possible. We must therefore meet the requirements of privacy legislation. We want to be transparent about the types of data we process, the purposes of the processing, with whom we share data and what rights you have regarding your own data. In this Privacy Statement we inform you about this. Do you have any questions? Please contact us. You can find our contact details above.


This statement applies to the fully or partially automated processing of personal data. It also applies to the non-automated processing of personal data contained in a file or intended for inclusion in a file. This statement applies to Van Luin relations and employees and concerns the processing of personal data of mainly clients, but also of employees.

Categories of data subjects

We only process personal data of data subjects when they have one or more of the following capacities:

  • Clients

  • Policyholders

  • Insured persons

  • Beneficiaries

  • Creditors

  • Counterparties (persons claimed to be liable and injured parties)

  • Drivers of insured vehicles - Next of kin

  • Contacts of suppliers

  • Employees of our office

We also retain personal data of former clients if our liability position requires it.

Categories of entities to whom personal data are disclosed

We only pass on personal data to those parties who play a demonstrable and essential role in the performance of the work assigned to us. These are (not limitative):

  • Insurance companies

  • Lenders

  • Banks

  • PPIs, APFs and pension funds

  • Damage assessors

  • Damage repairers

  • Valuers

  • Emergency call centres

  • Occupational health and safety services

  • Reintegration companies

  • Labour experts

  • Notaries

  • Tax specialists

  • Accountants / administration firms - Investment institutions

  • Asset managers

  • Tax authorities

  • Service providers

  • Regulators

  • Complaints Institute

  • Payroll administrators

Your data

We handle your data with care

We handle the data we receive from you with care. We have taken technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized third parties from obtaining access to these data. All our employees have also entered into a confidentiality agreement with our office.

Your personal data

We process personal data. We also process so-called special and also criminal data. With regard to special and criminal personal data, we ask for the explicit permission of the person(s) involved to process these data.

In all situations, this concerns only those personal data that are necessary to:

  • Communicate with the person(s) involved in the manner agreed upon by the parties;

  • Carry out the assigned activities;

  • Realize the desired financial products.

  • We can always substantiate why we process the requested personal data in specific situations.We use at least one of the following grounds for processing your personal data:

  • The execution of a contract of assignment (for example, advice and mediation of afinancial product, providing aftercare, carrying out financial planning or asecond opinion);

  • Consent of data subject(s) (for example, if we have held an informal exploratory meeting with a potential customer and we have asked whether - with a view to a possible future assignment - we may retain data on this potential customer for a certain period);

  • Legal obligation; this basis follows for example from our position as employer;

  • Legitimate interest of our office as data controller (for example, we keep files containing personal data longer than strictly necessary in connection with our liability position).What is the situation if you do not give us certain information or restrict our use of it?

    Putting together good financial advice can be compared to putting together a puzzle. There are many, individual pieces that are all jumbled together when we begin our work. If we have all the pieces at our disposal, we almost always succeed in solving the puzzle and presenting you with a complete picture.

    However, if you do not wish to provide us with certain information or if you impose restrictions on us using it, we will miss one or more "pieces" of the puzzle. Sometimes this is not insurmountable so that we can still present you with a certain final picture. We will then point out to you that there may be certain gaps in this advice because we did not have all the information and what the consequences may be for you.

    If we are missing too much information, we will not be able to provide you with sound advice and will inform you that we cannot carry out the requested work for you.

Provision of data to third parties

Your data will only be provided to insurers and money lenders if it is your express wish to conclude an agreement on a financial product. Then only those data are provided to these third parties which are strictly necessary for the conclusion of the financial product.

If necessary, we pass on your personal data to organizations that are relevant to the execution of a financial product. If, for example, you want to claim a loss on an insurance policy, it is possible that a loss adjuster will visit you or that we will ask a loss adjuster to contact you.

How long do we keep your data?

We do not keep data any longer than necessary. We use retention periods. These are partly based on the requirements of the AFM and the Tax and Customs Administration:

  • As long as the insurance is in effect, we collect, store and update the insurance information as well as your data

  • We keep all financial records until the end of the year and for the following 7 years. This includes bank statements, current account statements with insurance companies, etc.

  • When a policy is terminated, we keep this policy (and the associated data) until the end of the year and for the following 5 years. This is imposed on us by the AFM / WFT.

  • When a claim has been settled, we keep this file until the end of the year and for the following 3 years. The reason for this is that you can appeal up to three years (after rejection for example).

    appeal. Then we will need the file

  • When an offer that we present to you is not followed through, this will be destroyed (unless agreed otherwise) with all the underlying data 1 year after the offer has been made

Your rights

Wat zijn uw rechten?

You are / will be our customer. You have the right to determine what data of yours we do or do not receive. You may always ask us for an overview of the personal data we have on you. We will provide you with this overview free of charge. But you also have other rights. The basic principle is that we respect and honor these rights. Where the rights of those involved conflict with the interests of our company, we will carefully weigh the mutual interests. We summarize these below:

  • If you believe that we have processed certain data about you incorrectly in our records, you may request that we correct it. We appreciate this very much, because we can of course only do our work properly work properly if the data we work with for you is correct.

  • If you no longer want us to have certain information registered in our records, you can ask us to remove this information. We will of course comply with your request.

  • If at any time you would like to limit our use of your information, for example by not allowing us to pass it on to a particular organization, please let us know. We will of course comply with your request.

  • If you wish, you can ask us to pass your details on to a third party. For example, your accountant, lawyer or bank. Upon receipt of your written request we will execute your request as soon as possible.

  • If we receive personal information from third parties, for example your insurer, accountant, bank or other financial advisers, we will inform you of the source from which we have received this information.



We take appropriate technical measures to secure the processing of personal data. The level of protection of these technical measures is tailored to the possible risks. We provide encryption of personal data, ensure technical security of software and data through firewalls and protection software and also ensure that the security of our website meets the applicable requirements (SSL).

We have also taken appropriate organizational measures to prevent unauthorized persons from interfering with the processing(s) of personal data within our company. For example, we have secured our office premises against unauthorized intrusion and we have adjusted the access rights to our data systems for each employee to the work that the employee in question carries out in connection with the processing of personal data. We keep log files from which we can see who has performed which actions within our data systems.

Data leakages

We take all measures that can reasonably be expected of us to ensure that personal data are processed within our company in a careful manner. However, if it appears that a breach has taken place in relation to personal data (a so-called data leak), we will take the actions required by law. If we cannot rule out that the breach involves a risk to the privacy of data subject(s), we will report the breach to the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (Ap). We will also take the measures to limit this risk to the privacy of the data subject(s) as much as possible and to prevent, if possible, the recurrence of the breach. In addition, we will inform the data subject(s) about the nature and extent of the breach.

We inform our employees so that on the one hand they can recognize a personal data breach and on the other hand they know what to do in the relevant circumstances.
We record all personal data breaches in an internal register.


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These cookies are used to make our website function better and to analyze the use of our website. Where we ask you for your details on our website, this is in order to be able to answer a question properly, or because you are registering for a specific service. We only use this data internally and it is not shared with third parties. This includes, for example, the following data:

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  • error messages that visitors have received.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

It is possible that we change this Privacy Statement in the future. On our website you will always find the most current statement.

Do you have any questions or complaints?

As indicated above, we try to handle your personal data as carefully as possible. Do you have any questions about the way in which our office handles your personal data? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to answer these questions.

If you have any complaints about the way our office handles your personal data, we would like you to contact the management of our office. We promise you that this complaint will receive our attention.
You can reach us by phone at 030-2368668. You can also email us at We also have a website where you can find further information about our firm. You can find this website at

If you still believe that we have not handled your personal data with sufficient care, you can file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) at

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