Private insurance

Private Insurance

Do you already make use of our expertise in the field of risk management, sustainable employability, employee pension or international business? Then Van Luin can help you with tailor-made advice privately as well. It is nice to have one trusted partner in the Netherlands with both corporate and private advice for you. Do you also need advice on insurance-related matters as a private individual? Let us know, we would be glad to help you! 

Why get private advice alongside corporate advice?

Just taking out insurance is often insufficient, because the risk of a false sense of security is high. You want to be well insured, but because more and more insurers offer different types of cover, you quickly lose the overview. In addition, many of our international clients find it difficult to understand the Dutch insurance market and to find a policy that fits their situation.

Your insurance package must cover the risks that you run and that you wish to insure. If you do have insurance, but it is not entirely appropriate for your situation, you could face disappointment and extra costs. That is why at Van Luin we always start by taking an extensive inventory. Together we discuss your situation, your risks and your willingness to take risks. Based on this, we recommend an insurance package. Of course we try to obtain these policies as cheaply as possible for you, while keeping your wishes in mind. We’re committed to getting you the right package at the best premium. This not only applies when concluding the package, but in the future as well. You change and your situation changes. That’s why we’ll change your insurance alongside you.

Why get private advice alongside corporate advice?

Why get advice from Van Luin?

In order to really be able to offer you the right combination of insurances, we assume a comprehensive relationship. We want to be the advisor for all your insurances in the Netherlands and abroad, both corporate and private. We believe that composing your insurances from a comprehensive overview is a better choice than spreading your insurances over different consultants. In order to realise this overall picture, we advise you to choose one consultant for all your insurances. And then preferably at Van Luin, of course!

Van Luin will help you in a completely personal way. We would like to get to know you better in order to be able to provide you with appropriate advice.